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Pipe Creek Posters

About Us

High in the hills of Humboldt County, California, there really is a Pipe Creek - existing not only as a tributary of the Eel river watershed but as a state of mind, set in a rural landscape.

Playing music in bands most of my life as well as working as a photographer, has helped to fuel my love of rock posters and underground art. What you'll find on these pages is an eclectic presentation of some of the world's coolest rock posters and art prints. Beginning with the psychedelic masters of the sixties, and forging ahead with the work of today's best artists, this collection also includes a selection of gig posters and art prints from here in Humboldt County, California; home of the Redwoods and the Humboldt Nation.

About Our Posters

All our posters and handbills are obtained from the artists, who created them, the venue, promoter, or band who commissioned the poster for the show, or the original publisher who printed the poster in conjunction with the artist. Most of the posters we sell are hand signed and numbered, limited edition prints, which will never again be printed. Some of the editions are hand signed and printed in limited amounts, but not numbered. A few of the posters in our inventory were printed in a limited amount, but not all prints were signed by the artist. Every poster listed on our site has a detailed description and is in mint condition unless otherwise noted.

All the vintage posters we sell were either obtained from a long established respected, and authoritative art dealer, or the private collection of a well known reputable collector. We do not sell any poster, vintage or new, whose authenticity is in question. All the posters we sell are guaranteed to be as stated, and in a world where you have to watch your back every time you make a purchase, we believe that honesty and integrity are values that never go out of style. Happy collecting!